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Using Incense - Choose from a large variety of distinct aromatic fragrances. Enjoy refreshing favorites from our Extra Rich line, or from our exclusive Classic Collection.

Using Incense in 4 Easy Steps
Using incense in your home is simple and easy. Here are the 4 steps.

Step 1) Hold a lighted match to the coated end of a stick until it glows: blow out flame.

Step 2) Place sticks in an incense holder, a flowerpot, or a glass filled with salt, sand, or earth.

Step 3) Make sure that the ashes fall on a fireproof surface, and keep burning stick away from flammable articles such as papers, drapes, etc.

Step 4) Do not allow sticks to touch any varnished, painted, plastic, etc. surfaces.

There you go! Using incense in 4 easy steps.

Fragrance Encounters
Here are some testimonials of customers who have used our products.

"Gonesh Outdoors Cherry Bomb Saved my Barbeque!!!"

“Extra Rich Lavander makes my house seem extra serene.”

"My good luck fragrance: Mix cinnamon and sandalwood"

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